Track colour

Min. Height & Age


All from 4 years up


All from 4 years up


All from 6 years up & 140 cm (with hands up)


All from 8 years up & 160 cm (with hands up)


All from 8 years up & 160 cm (with hands up)


All from 12 years up & 160 cm (with hands up)

Safety comes first at Family Adventure Park. Under 6’s, are only allowed on the Yellow Track. None of the tracks are suitable for those who suffer from a fear of heights. Any children under 15 years old MUST be supervised by a participating adult. One adult can supervise a maximum of 3 children on the same track. Before you are allowed to enter the Park, our instructors will give a safety briefing, on the ground. The correct use of the safety harnesses and carabines will be demonstrated. After training, instructors patrol the park, but are not be available for 1 to 1 supervision. Participants are responsible for themselves and any under 15’s they have signed for.

Each participating adult must sign a Conditions of Entry form, confirming they have read and understood the instructions, rules and terms of entry to the Park for themselves and any children for whom they are responsible. Any violations will result in expulsion from the Park. Koren Sports d.o.o. does not take responsibility for accidents that occur or compensation sought as a result of violation of the terms. Use of the Family Adventure Park – Postojna is at the participant’s own risk.

It is strictly forbidden for participants to bring any luggage or objects such as sunglasses, cameras, mobile telephones, jewellery, etc into the Family Adventure Park. Any of these objects falling from heights, could cause harm to people on the ground. However customers can leave their bags at the cashiers whilst participating.

The safety harnesses and carabines issued to each participant will be demonstrated before entering the Park and must be used as instructed. After use, they must be returned undamaged. Both safety carabines must be connected at all times to a safety steel cable. They must never be disconnected. Check with instructors in case of doubt.

There are 78 different challenges in the Family Adventure Park. There can only be one person on each challenge at any one time. Platforms can only hold two people at any one time.

Company Koren Sports d.o.o. maintains the right to close the Park at any time. Any violations of the Conditions of Entry or safety precautions by participants, will result in expulsion from the Park. The Family Adventure Park will not tolerate the endangering of other participants or instructors.

Entry fees are not refundable should a participant decide that they do not want to complete the Tracks or Challenges. Entry fees are not refunded if a participant is required to leave as a result of violations of safety regulations or Conditions of Entry. Entry fees are not refunded should the Park have to be close due to severe weather conditions or external threats (fires).

Company Koren Sports d.o.o. is responsible in the context of law for personal damage. For material damage and property, Company Koren Sports d.o.o. is responsible only in case of instructor’s carelessness.