A day full of adventures, laughter and fun together with friends, family or colleagues!

POSTOJNA ADVENTURE PARK offers you a very special experience: A natural and exciting, unique walk in the trees, testing your balancing skills, ingenuity, spirit for adventure and courage!

Young and young at heart explorers will get a unique forest adventure full of swing bridges, ladders, climbing nets, ropes and zip wires! With just a little encouragement, everyone can defeat the 78 different challenges, suspended high from trees in a huge forest park area right next to the famous Postojna cave.

It’s a great fun way to spend your time in the forest, doing active exercise, meeting new people, playing or just hanging around!

Let the fun begin!

What is Adventure park Postojna?

The really special thing about Postojna Adventure Park is that it is an entirely natural park set up in a natural forest environment. You will spend your time safely secured and high up in the trees, sucking in fresh air as you move onto the next wooden platform.

Everybody can be a forest adventurer at the Postojna Adventure Park: Kids, adults, singles, couples, families, friends or groups. If you are looking for a fantastic fun day outside then you should swing by here!

  • 78 attractions and challenges set up in wood will connect your family even stronger
  • Safety is our primary concern.
  • The adventure park is built to the highest EU standards. (EN 15567-1)
  • All adventurers get top of the range “SalewaBlack Diamond” & “Petzl” safety gear included in the entry fee.
  • Safety training is given before you can start.

Your adventure starts with full safety training. Our guides help you get your safety harness properly fitted. Then everyone is taken through a short course on the ground for the proper and safe way to clip on the 3 steel cables, which will ensure your safety in the park. You can only start your tree adventures when our instructors are sure you can travel safely through the trees. The instructors are on hand at all times during your adventure to provide extra tips from the ground.

There is a trail for everyone in the adventure park. The youngest will enjoy climbing tracks one or two metres above the ground, whilst older adventurers will get an adrenalin kick from other tracks, suspended up to 14 metres up!

Adults and friends who don’t want to climb can spend their day under the trees encouraging their little and not so little heroes or hiking on the well maintained tracks in the woods. (Did you know there is a secret forest track which leads directly from the forest park to Eagle hill, the highest point in Postojna)!

Please note, we are a 100% natural facility, so there are no toilets in the park, but several nearby locally.


Pustolovski park Postojna se nahaja v neposredni bližini Postojnske jame takoj ob hotelu Jama. KJE SMO?